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$49.95Canadian Amateur Radio Basic Qualification Study Guide 9th Edition, 5th printing,2023; The leading Canadian Study Guide for students wishing to attain their Basic Qualification in Amateur Radio for more than 30 years. Fully updated with recent technological innovations and matched to the ISED Question Bank as of August, 2022. Includes unlimited access to our Student Success Pages and Ask the Professor help on the web site. This is the gold standard for student training for both classes and self-study.
$49.95Canadian Amateur Radio Advanced Qualification Study Guide 2nd edition, 3rd printing. Written to the same high standards as our Basic Study Guide, this book covers all the questions in the ISED Advanced Qualification question bank while providing needed context. Includes unlimited time access to the Advanced Student Success Pages on our web site, with Ask the Professor help for difficult or calculation questions. Some minor additional content from previous editions and all known errata have been corrected.
$19.95Basic Instructors Guide 9th Ed. Created to support the beginning Instructor with detailed lesson plans, projectable versions of the drawings and photos, suggested demonstrations and homework, this is a completely updated and revised version to complement the 9th edition of our Basic Qualification Study Guide. Each lesson plan includes suggested activities and demonstrations.

The in-depth lesson plans will be of interest to experienced Instructors too. Many supplementary documents are included.

Shipped as a download; clubs only need to order 1 copy of the Basic Instructor's Guide which can be distributed to all Instructors in the same class.
$14.00Student Success Pages Student Success Pages Student Success Page access is included with all Coax Publications Study Guides. If you have purchased Study Guide from us, do not order this product. If you have purchased a guide from another publisher, are studying from generally available materials, or have an old (7th edition or earlier) RAC Study Guide, this product provides unlimited online access to both the Basic and Advanced Qualification support on this web site. You will be able to obtain topic specific tests using IC question bank questions, try sample examinations of various lengths, get topic specific help for calculation questions, and various downloads.
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