9th Edition Canadian Amateur Radio Basic Qualification Study Guide

( Issued Fall, 2016 )

Basic Study Guide 9th Edition

 • This book is the most widely used Study Guide in Canadian Amateur Radio classes and by those doing a self study programme

 • Free Power Point slides and other study aids are available to purchasers of book

 • Additional content not required for the exam but useful for setting up a station, getting on the air, and operating

 • 352 – 8 ½ × 11 inch pages. Lie–flat binding and wide margins for easy studying and note taking.

2nd Edition Canadian Amateur Radio Advanced Qualification Study Guide

( Issued Spring, 2017 )

Basic Study Guide 9th Edition

 • 2nd edition includes revised and additional material covering the most recent examination rerquirements

 • New material added to keep up with technological changes

 • Covers many topics in modern communications that are not in the question bank

 • New appendix introducing Smith Charts

 • 312 – 8 ½ × 11 inch pages. Lie–flat binding and wide margins for easy studying and note taking

Purchase of either Coax Publications Inc study guide includes unlimited access to the associated Student Success Pages, especially created to enhance your learning experience.

These new editions proudly continue Coax Publications Inc's tradition of up to date study materials for the Industry Canada Amateur Radio examinations. Our Study Guides are used by almost all club licensing courses.  Our Study Guides are carefully matched to the examination requirements as defined by Industry Canada to ensure that everything is covered. They are designed to be complete reference books, not a simple rehash of the ISED Question Banks.

Instructors:  Basic Instructors' Guide available as a download. Clubs need only purchase one copy for a course because the file can be shared among instructors.

Students!:  Our Student Success Pages are available as a download for those who may not be using our Study Guides.  When you order them separately, you get BOTH the Basic and Advanced pages.   Access to our Student Success Pages never expires!

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